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Was Hayward taken on the swave logo?

May 31, 2013

This time last year Pensacola Ashton Hayward, City Administrator Bill Reynolds and PIO Derek Cosson were excited about the new city logo that they were hiding from the city council, media and public. Emails show that they were almost giddy about how it would build a national image for the city…and the mayor.

After spending nearly half a million dollars, Team Hayward announced the new logo, called a “swave”, at a big press conference at the Saenger Theater to less than stellar reviews. Six months later, the ad agency, The Zimmerman Agency, would be fired, but the logo–that has become known as the “surfing fetus”–has remained.

The City of Tampa launched a new logo and slogan this week –Unlock Tampa. They paid only $147,000 for it.

By the time The Zimmerman Agency contract had been terminated, Hayward had paid them over a million dollars, half of which was for marketing the mayor and his new logo, the rest for marketing and rebranding the airport, gas utility and port.
It looks like Team Hayward got taken. When they finally figured it out, Hayward fired the ad agency. The rest of us got stuck with the swave…and the bills.

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