WEAR has Murzin vs. Whitehead battle

May 4, 2007


Last night WEAR TV 3 threw some gasoline on the Murzin-Whitehead feud.

Escambia Co. Commissioner Mike Whitehead is always good for quote. This time – when asked by the state legislature’s debates over property taxes – Whitehead said about Murzin, “I’ve said it before, he’s smoking crack.”

Murzin thinks Whitehead has gone too far – told WEAR TV 3: “Accusing people of things like that, doesn’t make any sense and he’s losing credibility and that’s not a good thing for the people who represent his district.”

And, of course, reporter Dan Thomas did ask Murzin the big question – does/did ever use crack?

Murzin’s reply, “Never used them, submit to a drug test anytime. 24/7!”

…This one is just too easy.

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