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Weekend Buzz: Missing doc in Hayward vs. The Fish House, Charlie Ward to coach in Pcola, more buses for disabled

December 30, 2013

Hayward’s Case Against The Fish House Weakened

The city had to admit to us that it doesn’t have a signed partial assignment of the Pitt Slip with Seville Harbour to Merrill Land.

The partial assignment is a lynchpin in Mayor Hayward’s claim that the restaurant and Atlas Oyster House owe the city five percent of their gross sales, retroactively to April 2000.

The Escambia County Clerk of Court only has a sublease agreement on file. However, the notice of default that Hayward sent Collier Merrill calmed that there was a partial assignment.

On Dec. 9, we requested a copy of the partial assignment signed by representatives of Seville Harbour and Merrill Land and had the signature of City Manager Tom Bonfield giving the city’s consent to the partial assignment.

The reply we got from the city two days before Christmas was: “The City of Pensacola has reviewed its files and has determined there are no responsive documents to your request as stated.”

Hayward and his attorneys may try to argue in court that the sublease was really a partial assignment, but the revelation that the city has no written document to support Hayward’s claim doesn’t help his case.

A written partial assignment has to be signed by all parties, including the city, and registered with the clerk of court.


FSU Star Coming to Washington High?

We are hearing that Booker T. Washington High School alumni are trying to recruit FSU Heisman winner Charlie Ward to be their new head football coach.

Ward won in 1993 both the Heisman Trophy and Davey O’Brien Award and led Florida State to a national title. He played in NBA for the NY Knicks, San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets, retiring in 2005. He was inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame with Emmitt Smith and Bobby Bowden in 2006.

Ward has been head football at Westbury Christian School in Houston, Texas.

Meanwhile, former Wildcats head coach, Craig Laborde, has been chosen as the new head coach for the Higgins Hurricanes on New Orleans’ West Bank. Laborde, 49, is replacing Wayne Meyers, the most successful football coach in the 32-year history of the Higgins program. Meyers resigned as coach following a 2-8 season.

More Buses for Disabled

The Escambia County Board of County Commissioners will be asked on Thursday to approve county staff and ECAT to complete the State of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Grant Application for U.S.C. Section 5310 funding (Federal Transit Administration [FTA] urbanized area funding to purchase six paratransit buses. The FTA requires that 20% of the Grant amount be matched by local government. FDOT will match 10% of the Grant amount, which leaves a 10% match ($36,000) for Escambia County.

Pensacola Bay Transportation is currently the local paratransit provider. They have 28 vehicles in their fleet. Eleven of those manufactured between 2001 and 2006 have mileage ranging from 288,308 to 458,199, as the IN reported earlier this year.

With some of these vehicles presently out of service, Pensacola Bay Transportation is operating with no spare vehicles and no capital replacement plan. FDOT recommends that paratransit vehicles be replaced at five years and/or 200,000 miles.

This Application will allow Escambia County to add rolling stock and to begin replacing vehicles as Grant money is available, and will serve as part of the Capital Replacement Plan for the paratransit vehicles.

Another Appointment for Gulf Power CEO

STAN CONNALLY, JR., has been appointed by Gov. Rick Scott to the Triumph Gulf Coast, Inc. Board of Directors. Connally, of Gulf Breeze, is the president and CEO of Gulf Power Company.

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