Weekly Crime Round Up: No homicides, two bank robberies and 89 assaults

February 2, 2013

Jail Bars
Looking at the crime stats map on the Escambia County’s Sheriff’s website:

Assaults: 89 inside Pensacola limits: 19
w/deadly weapon: 19 inside Pensacola limits: 1

Burglaries: 45 inside Pensacola limits: 8

Thefts from vehicles: 28 inside Pensacola limits: 12

County had one officer-involved shooting and two bank robberies. Pensacola had the arrest of a child pornographer.

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  • Ames February 2, 2013 at 9:20 am

    I have been curious about the type of vehicle related crimes that have occurred in the tri-county area over the past year. I recently received my auto policy renewal billing and my premium has increased nearly 30% over last years’ policy. I inquired about the increase and I was told that the increase was due to vehicle related crimes. I was also told that the state had previously limited the length of time the insurers had to investigate crimes, but they had since gone before the PSC and the time had been adjusted to allow more time for those investigations. I’ve read about the auto accident scams that have occurred in south Florida, but aren’t insurance policy rates supposed to be based on data from the policy holder’s zip code?
    And, of course, yet another FHCF emergency assessment “fee” added to the auto policy.