What Donna Fassett learned in a life of 33 years service to the community (Her own words)

December 28, 2012

ARC Gateway sent out an official press release regarding the death of its executive director, Donna Fassett. Two years ago, Donna wrote this piece on the life lessons that she has learned at ARC.

33 Years of Service & 33 Life Lessons And Beliefs
By Donna Fassett

There are so many memories and so many lessons I have learned over the years that I felt the need to share. But the best lessons and beliefs have come from the people we serve – they will always be in my heart.

1. We all have dreams.
2. We all have talents.
3. We all have abilities.
4. We all need to be heard
5. We are all capable.
6. We all belong.
7. Every day I am blessed in hundreds of ways by hundreds of people.
8. I am grateful for our caring and compassionate staff and volunteers.
9. Hugs brighten my day.
10. Every day is a celebration.
11. Small achievements = biggest rewards.
12. ARC is a family—my family.
13. I believe in the mission of ARC Gateway.
14. Every idea is worth exploring.
15. Laughter is good medicine.
16. Relationships are what matter most.
17. We are all links in life’s chain.
18. Every person has worth, everyone has value.
19. The world is ours to explore.
20. Be passionate about what you do.
21. The best thing in life is doing what others say you can’t.
22. Show people you care by what you do.
23. There are no strangers.
24. One can never wear too many hats or have too many black shoes.
25. I am fortunate to live in a community where people reach out to one another.
26. Everything is better with ice cream.
27. Prayers work.
28. When things get tough—Yankee up!
29. Everyone deserves a chance.
30. Never give up!
31. Look for the best in everyone.
32. I am thankful for Charlie and the support of my family and friends.
33. I am thankful for thirty-three wonderful years.

(reprinted from the November 2012 Red Wagon)

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  • Ashley Hodge Harris December 28, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Donna Fassett, what a truly amazing woman.

    Donna will always be one of the most influential people in my life. Donna defined the human spirit, and was the real deal when it came to leadership, love and life.

    She was the first person to give me a chance as a young PR gal right out of school. She taught me so much, but the most important thing she taught me was to always find a way to use my talents to help others. I will never forget marching around the Chappie James building with her and 200 ARC family members advocating for funding for people with development disabilities. Her spirit soared and I loved that she never took no for an answer.

    We have lost a great leader, wife, advocate and friend, but her spirit and devotion to showing every human has value and worth will always live on.

    May God’s love and comfort be with Charlie and their family.