What was Mayor Ashton Hayward’s stance on Confederate monument?

October 10, 2017

The Transparent Pensacola page on the city’s website was designed in July 2015 to accomplish two critical elements of the Hayward administration:

  • Transparency — defined as “access to information about what is really happening;” and
  • Accountability — defined as “ways to hold decision-makers and partners accountable for the decisions we make

This is what Mayor Hayward had published on the Transparent Pensacola in August as his  stance on the Confederate monument in Lee Square:

“Pensacola has a rich and diverse history and it is important to honor our history. The Office of the Mayor will continue to promote inclusivity; but as you see across the nation, these confederate monuments are becoming increasingly divisive.

“We are currently examining this monument’s history and purpose. We are also weighing our options as it relates to any laws and discussing how to move forward. Mayor Hayward would like to see the monument in a better context that promotes inclusiveness, but there is a process that we need to abide by.

Mayor Hayward has stated that he wants the statue down. He wants the monument at Lee Square on North Palafox Street to come down and possibly put in a museum where it can be presented in the proper context.

Compare this to Mayor Hayward’s interview on NewsRadio 1620 a week ago.

Transparency –  What is “really happening?”

Accountability – What position should the voters should hold him “accountable for?”


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