2012 Presidential Race News

Who is leading in Electoral votes

October 26, 2012

To be elected president a candidate needs 270 electoral votes. Most media has Obama ahead, but with plenty of votes undecided.

The New York Times shows Obama with 185 solid votes and 52 leaning his way for 237; Romney with 168 solid votes and 38 leaning in his favor for 206. The paper has 95 toss up votes in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Wisconsin, Virginia and New Hampshire.

Huffington Post has Obama winning with 271 (which down from 279 yesterday)and that is with giving Romney all what it believes are the toss up votes: 237 Strong Obama 34 Leans Obama ; 76 Tossup 0 Leans Romney 191 Strong Romney

Real Clear Politics sees a more wide-open race: 177 Likely Romney 14 Leaning Total 191; 183 Likely Obama 18 Leaning Total 201; 146 Toss Up

And Freedom’s Lighthouse predicts Romney will win 279-259 -with Obama losing most of the toss up states, except for Nevada, Iowa and Wisconsin.

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