Who is Tom Garner?

August 30, 2006

lensTom Garner has asked State Atty Bill Eddins to investigate the Pensacola City Council (Garner charges City Council broke law). The Renee Perry mentioned in the article is the paid volunteer coordinator of Save Our City.

The Pensacola News Journal’s Shelia Ingram did a cover story on Garner in December 2002. I

EDIT – 8/31/06 – The PNJ has told us to delete the article. If you want to read it, you will need a public library card and to search the West Florida Regional Library newspaper database online. I also recommend you read Tom Garner’s comments about the article that are attached to this post.

Follow these instructions:

1. Go to Pensacola News Journal, 1999 – Present on the  West Florida Regional Library website.

2. Enter your library card number. It’s on the back. Click “Log In.”
3. In the For box, type: Tom Garner

4. In the Timeframe box, scroll to  2002

5. Click  “Search” .

It should be the first article that pops up.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s out of my control.

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