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Who will run for new FL Senate District 1?

March 10, 2012

The chairman of the Florida Senate Reapportionment Committee and the designated president of the Florida Senate, Don Gaetz, represents one of only eight districts that the Florida Supreme Court ruled needed to be redrawn. Another of those districts is the one held by Sen. Greg Evers.

The court didn’t like how the two districts split the north and south of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Bay counties and let two Okaloosa County residents dominate those seats.The Florida League of Women Voters had argued that one of those districts should be just Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

A special session has been set for next week to redraw the maps the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional. Most likely a new District 1 will be drawn that covers only Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

Who are the most likely candidates for the new District 1? Evers could move into the new district, but few believe that he would carry our two counties.

Most likely candidates are the current state representatives: Clay Ford, Clay Ingram and Doug Broxson. Ford is the most likely since his House district is the most difficult to win and he is approaching his term limit.

Others: Dave Murzin or Jerry Maygarden could pop back up, as could former Santa Rosa School Board member and Gulf Breeze Mayor Ed Gray. County Commissioners Gene Valentino and Grover Robinson are viable. In Santa Rosa County, Don Salter might run. One of the Bensons could do it – Lois, Holly or Megan. Others on the Pensacola City Council: Maren Deweese and Brian Spencer.

From the business community: attorney/developer Garrett Walton, bankers Tommy Tait, Blaise Adams and Bo Carter, commercial real estate broker Justin Beck, beer distributor David Bear, banker/speaker Carol Carlan, State Farm agent Mike Hill.

On the Democrat-side, DeeDee Davis and Buzz Ritchie–both who served in the Florida House–will be tempted. Lumon May has been mentioned, but he is committed to running for County Commission. Others like Hugh King and Marie Young might consider it. Pensacola City Councilman Larry Johnson is a possible Democrat candidate.

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  • L.Laird March 12, 2012 at 9:05 am

    Citizens of Escambia: All of the listed republicans VOTED for and supported: 1. Drilling for OIL off of our Beach and in our State Forest’s. 2. Voted for Carrying Weapons on College Campuses. 2. Voted to REDUCE FUNDING FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION. 3. Voted to deny $$$ FOR public schools to have Nurse’s on school sites. 4. Voted to have GUN RANGES’ in your back yard. 5. Voted to allow toxic fertilizer use to be un-regulated by local HOME RULE Governments. 6. Support Private Charter Schools for profit. 7. Refuse to PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE FOR HEALTH INSURANCE FOR THEMSELVES OR FAMILY members. 8. Voted for CLEAR CUTTING OF TREES in front of hwy Bill Boards to benefit Republicans Advertizing donors. NONE of the republicans support any legislation for the benefit of Average Working Middle Class or less fortunate. Republicans ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES AND THEIR “ONE PERCENT 1%) RICH$$$$ ELITE.****VOTERS — PLEASE REMEMBER COME November to remember that republican candidates DO NOT CARE about you or our Environment or our Publican Schools system

  • Ames March 11, 2012 at 11:39 am

    Draft Deborah Nelson.

  • Ian Howard March 10, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Go Florida Supreme Court! The number of registered voters in this state is evenly split between Democrat and Republican so why is it that the R’s have something like an 90% majority in both the state house and senate?
    It’s because of the crazy districts they draw to ensure their continued majority. Let’s do like some progressive states have already done and draw boundaries to reflect reality, no more districts that are 70 miles long and 2 blocks wide with a figure 8 in the center. The present system is nothing more than corruption and deny voters honest representation.