AES/Donald Moore get off with no charges

Press Release: The Office of the State Attorney announced today that no criminal charges will be brought against Allstates Employee Staffing, a local employee leasing company.

The Office of State Attorney, First Judicial Circuit, and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation investigated complaints concerning AES for failing to fulfill its payroll obligations. This investigation revealed that the failure to pay occurred when AES’s bank stopped extending credit to the company. This was done due to the bank’s concerns over AES’s business practices. At this time, AES has paid all the known employees and closed its business. AES will also pay any additional obligations that are discovered. Therefore, the Office of the State Attorney will take no further action in this matter.

Editor’s note: My prediction is this will upset a lot of people.

I got his email from a reader earlier today: “After filing our income taxes, it would appear that AES took out Federal Witholding taxes and only reported and forwarded half of what was taken out per paycheck. We are in the process of obtaining last years paystubs to confirm.”

If that is true, there are more layers to this story than State Attorney’s Office may realize.