After the votes are counted – Dem side

Liz Campbell did it. Hard work overcame Life Skill money.

Wyche’s political career is over. African American community must find new candidates and quit throwing out the same candidate every two to four years. Wyche will have a hard time staying relevant.

He has positioned himself as conduit to the African American media – radio, TV, newspaper – see his email to Marty Donovan (Wyche hawks advertising for WBQP ).  Will the business community still listen to him?

Time for new leaders, new voices, new ideas.

As for Campbell – I can’t see her beating Ford in the general election. Expect African American community to stay home.

Campbell will have to keep all her present votes (1,977) and win a huge percentage of the independent votes to beat Ford….a very difficult task. However, Campbell will work her tail off.