Another school district switches buses to CNG

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas turned down two years ago Pensacola Energy’s appeal to switch his buses to compressed natural gas. Other districts are much more progressive and environmental conscious.

Leon County made the switch in 2012. They reduced fuel costs for the school district’s bus fleet by $1.50 per gallon, a 40 percent savings over traditional gasoline or diesel. Leon County Schools Superintendent Jackie Pons said in an August 2013 interview, “We’re saving around $6,500-$7,000 a bus on fuel. It’s cleaner for the environment, less particulate matter, and it’s also an educational process for our students to understand the role that we all play in protecting our environment.”

Charlotte County Public Schools have signed a contract to make the switch. It will take a year to get all the systems in place. As soon as the 2015 school year rolls around, the district could cut their $1 million fuel cost for buses in half.