Area voters want more thorough background checks for guns

Inweekly hired The Political Matrix, a local polling firm, to survey voters in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties to see what they thought was the best solution to reduce gun violence in our schools. The choices were more gun control laws, metal detectors and law enforcement barriers on school campuses, or more thorough background checks with regards to mental health and social media.

This study was conducted between Feb. 17-20 using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. The numbers used were supplied by the Supervisor of Elections offices of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. The persons called were voters who voted six out of the last six elections. The numbers were randomized upon implementation of the study and 614 completed studies were collected. The study consisted of five questions asked of the respondents. The margin of error of this study was +/- 4%.

More thorough background checks and more law enforcement and metal detectors on school property received the most support.

More gun control laws 18.60%
More metal detectors and officers 33.20%
More thorough background checks 40.10%
None of these 5.50%
Other 2.60%


We have the complete survey results in our March 1 issue.