Arts have $84M impact

The Arts Council of Northwest Florida and Americans for the Arts announced the local results from the Americans for the Arts, Arts & Economic Prosperity III, the most comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry ever conducted in the United States. Local data revealed:

The arts are an $84 million dollar impact on Escambia County’s economy every year.

For every dollar invested by the City/County, local government enjoys a 500% return.

41% of attendees at arts and cultural events are Non-Residents of the county spending $30 million annually.

Event-related spending totals $61.2 million annually.

The arts support 2,118 full-time jobs in Escambia County.

“The results of this report clearly show that the arts are a strong and vital component of Bay Area tourism and economic development” states Arts Council President Dina Thorsen.

The Escambia County report is part of a State of Florida study which will be released October 15, 2009 in Tallahassee. This report was sponsored by Escambia County, The Lewis Bear Company, Gulf Power, The Landrum Companies, Eric Nickelsen, Quinton Studer, McMahon-Hadder Insurance, Great Southern Restaurant Group, Robert Switzer, Dr. Judy Bense, Dr. Dean Van Galen, Pensacola Young Professionals, Lynn Allan & Susan Wenstrand, Denise McLeod, Citizens for Florida Arts, Inc. and the State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.