Bay County deals with landfills

Florida DEP is praising the Bay County commissioners for adopting ordinances to better regulate construction and debris landfills. Maybe the Escambia and Santa Rosa county commissioners should check into it.

From News Herald:

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has expressed support for Bay County’s efforts to draw up local regulations governing Construction Demolition Debris, or C&D, landfills.

“There are specific situations within local governments where there may be specific concerns,” FDEP spokeswoman Sally Cooey said.

Bay County officials recently began exploring the possibility of adopting local C&D landfill regulations after existing state regulations had been called into question as insufficient.

Of primary concern to the county is the location of such sites.

“DEP doesn’t care where they’re located,” said Dan Shaw, assistant county manager. “DEP is looking more at specific environmental aspects.”

Specifically, the county wants to ensure C&D sites are not placed in proximity to the Deer Point Lake watershed or in portions of the county not conducive to such activity, such as areas zoned residential.

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