Billings’ camera system

On Thursday, the media will be allowed to view the video from the surveillance system at the Billings’ residence. The State Attorney released more documents yesterday that describe what the cameras captured inside the house.

7:06:11 pm Camera 2 – which covers kitchen and living room – Bud Billings exit kitchen and looks toward front door.

7:06:16 Bud Billings raises his hands.

7:06:22 Two offenders enter hallway from southeast entry door.

7:06:32 Offender approaches front door area and walks toward Melanie Billings.

7:06:40 Offender leaves Melanie Billings and approaches Bud Billings.

7:06:51 Bud Billings appears to be shot in the leg, offender escorts him to the bedroom.

7:07:10 One offender in the living room can be seen wearing a “K-9” shirt.

7:07:34 Bud Billings appears back in the living room.

7:07:42 Both victims are escorted back into the bedroom.

7:08:06 “K-9” on back of offender’s shirt is visible a second time.

7:08:51 Last time offenders are visible from this camera.

7:08:58 Offenders are visible from Camera #1 that looks down on the kitchen area.

7:09:01 A child is visible in hallway from Camera #1.

7:09:52 Outside camera captures offender entering driver side of the red van.

7:10:13 Red Van leaves