BLAB TV morning show, The Daily Brew, starts in three weeks

the_daily_brew_original_logo copy
BlabTV’s new morning show has a name, logo and start date–Feb. 16.

The Daily Brew is part of BlabTV’s new programming initiative, announced in October 2014. Part of that new initiative included a Talent Search with more than 250 applicants. The Talent Search process was also how BlabTV judges and producers discovered one of the morning show’s hosts, former Escambia High football coach, Willie Spears.

Spears’s cohost is Carly Borden, a Pensacola native and recent graduate of the University of Florida.

“I’m hoping to bring to the new morning show an upbeat and thoughtful approach to community events and news,” says Borden, who is also a contributing writer for “The purpose of The Daily Brew is to help people wake up in the morning and be prepared for their day with the best local information available.”

Where did the show’s name come from?

According to Spears, the name percolated up after community and fan suggestions flooded the BlabTV network’s email, social media, and visitor lobby—it also probably didn’t hurt that the Studers, owners of BLABTV, also own a popular downtown coffee shop, The Bodacious Brew.

“Because the show will air Monday through Friday, the daily part was easy. And we decided on ‘brew’ because we want to talk about what is brewing in the community,” said Spears. “That, and it’s going to take a lot of coffee to get Carly up that early every morning.”

What can viewers expect from The Daily Brew?

From the press announcement: “From personal interviews with special guests, to round-table discussions, to fun and serious topics like news, sports, community, and trends, The Daily Brew will strive to bring a positive morning experience to viewers.”

“The Daily Brew will focus on local issues and local people,” says Borden. “It’s all about the Pensacola area.”