Blair Stevenson becomes a babysitter

BilboBlair Stevenson was ordered by Marty and Charlie to babysit Jeff DeWeese tonight in the Bayview Senior Center lobby and make sure that he didn’t try enter the meeting room or listen at the door.

Those left in the SOC meeting were white, old and bitter.

Folks, watch out this group is about to let loose on political shennagans the like of which this City has never seen.

If you have a “Vote Yes” sign, protect it because it just may go missing. Expect more outrageous accusations. Bigger lies. More vile viewpoints in the PNJ. Luke McCoy will either abandon the cause or become even more inane…probably the later.

They will sabotage CMP events. More spam emails or anonymous phone calls.

Whether their print ads get more vicious will depend on how much money Bill Smart wants to throw away, but he too may come to his senses and realize how his actions are counter to so much he’s stood for over the years.

Expect Jerry Howard and Sam Hall to get more vocal because if the park wins, their city council campaigns are dead.

Alabama may even start complaining about Pensacola politics.

Thank God for Better Save Our City. The yard signs have been ordered.