BP Lie #73

For weeks, the public has been told that the crude from BP’s Deepwater Horizon well is a light crude that it evaporates easily. “It’s nothing like what BP tired to cleanup in the Exxon Valdez spill.”—I heard a Coast Guard official tell reporters this while I was driving to Eunice, La.

Reuters reports:

Heavy oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill threatened Louisiana marshlands on Thursday after washing ashore for the first time since a BP-operated rig exploded a month ago, sparking ecological disaster.

Calling it a “day that we have all been fearing,” Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said on Wednesday that heavy oil — not simply tar balls or sheen — had entered the state’s prized wetlands.

“It’s already here but we know more is coming,” he said.

Read more…..Will BP cut a new ad now? Maybe one with people surfing in HAZMAT suits.

BTW: Photo is of a controlled burn of the oil.