BSoc announces plans

crowdOn the front steps of Pensacola City Hall, Better Save Our City announced today it’s plans for a Better SOC.

“We will first hold open forums to get citizen input,” said founder Rick Outzen. “The original SOC met behind closed doors. They elected their officers without any public votes. Nobody was asked about the SOC renting an office. There was NO public input.”

“Secondly, we hold a national Request for Proposal (RFP) for ideas on how to build a better Save Our City. The old SOC issued no RFP’s. It was done deal before they ever held their first meeting.”

Outzen showed a bunch of emails to prove his point.

“These email are the smoking gun. This is indeed a dark day for Save Our City, but I pledge we can do better.”

“Also, there is no museum in the SAVE OUR CITY bylaws. Ours will have a maritime museum or, at least, a picture of one.”

“Yes, we can build a Better Save Our City.”