BSoc Scorecard – 8/19/06 am

In an effort to keep a tally of the advances of Better Save Our City (SC), I’m providing this morning scorecard of the progress of this group as we try to prove BSoc can be a better Save Our City than the current Save Our City.

partyBetter Save Our City: 20
Two UWF professors (also second UWF professor); a better Donovan;Two Democrats (also read Chiles aide);Martini Night;Ronald McDonald; No BLAB TV ; Citizen input ;No Theodore Bilbo; Odor free;national RPF and museum;Fearless;Baptist support;no Warning Label;Patriotic; Convenient truth; Our own old guy; cookies.

no trespassingSave Our City: 2

One retired UWF professor; one wannabe Democrat; Walker Texas Ranger; 2 BLAB shows; no citizen input, Theodore Bilbo, smelly, No national RFP, no museum, Fear, godless, warning label, hearing aid bombs, Al Gore and no cookies.