Buzz: Is Donovan lying about signatures?

He’s baaaaaaaaack. Former City Councilman Marty Donovan is trying yet another petition drive against the Community Maritime Park. This time he’s brought with Jack Nobles, Byron Kessler, Todd Synder, Dorothy Rowe, Jackie Johnston, Mark Greskovich, Malcolm Johnston, Patricia McGrath and Justin Otto.

He needs 3,850 signatures by July 12. In the PNJ, Donovan claims he had about 4,000 signatures last December when he failed with his last petition drive. Back then, he wouldn’t tell the media how many signatures he had.

My sources, who worked on the petition drive, admitted that they were really struggling. They told me that they didn’t think that they had 2,000 valid signatures.

Time will tell if Donovan is telling the truth. If he had 4,000 signatures last December, then he should be able to turn in his new petition by next Friday.