Buzz: Nothing on credit cards

The county audit of the Arts Council of Northwest Florida didn’t cover the credit cards the group processed for local artists. We are still get emails and calls on people owed as much as $1,000 by the Arts Council. Some have been told that the records are locked in the old courthouse and no disbursements can be made until the Arts Council board is allowed back in the building.

I also talked to one former board member who said similar things were being done under Paul Berg, and that was why he was dismissed. This board member thought all the City of Pensacola were immediately disbursed to the arts organizations and the problem was that the County didn’t “front” any of its money and would only reimburse the Arts Council after checks were disbursed. He was surprised when I told him that the City money was being doled out on a monthly basis, even though the Arts Council got the funds in October.