Buzz: Orange Beach mayor blasts BP

While Pensacola Mayor Mike Wiggins is singing kumbaya with BP, Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon blasted BP representatives a town hall meeting. Kennon is upset over the boats in the Vessels of Opportunity program not being paid and on how BP and its Unified Command Center have dragged their feet on approving boom plans.

According to the Palm Beach Post, “Kennon complained that the boom strategy won’t work and BP and that state officials have ignored locals’ suggestion that the pass be cut off completely to prevent oil from entering the huge watershed that dumps into it.”

The report I received is that plenty of f-bombs were dropped on BP by Mayor Keenon and the crowd. As I have said for weeks, frustrations are running high and the ineptitude of BP and its Unified Command Center will become more apparent every day.

BP is not our friend. They may be great advertiser for the PNJ, but they don’t care about this community. We are only a liability on their balance sheet.