Century Mayor faces ethics charge


WEAR TV reported last night that Century Mayor Evelyn Hammond is facing ethics charges. The first allegation centers on the mayor’s son, Eddie Hammond, who is a supervisor for the town’s utilities company….which doesn’t seem like a good idea.  Eddie Hammond reportedly had a delinquent bill totalling $1,900….being a utility supervisor and not paying your utility seem to be an even worse idea..

According to WEAR, “a source close to the investigation says when the mayor was confronted about her son’s non-payment, the mayor wrote a personal check for $1,700 to cover the debt…minus two hundred dollars in fines and late fees she had deducted.”

A second charge alleges the mayor took over operation of the concession stand from the Little League Association… And turned it over to a private individual from Alabama….We all know how vicious fights can be over little league concession revenue, ask any sports association.