Chamber releases 90-day goals for 2030 Blueprint

Two weeks ago, more than 100 cross-sector, community leaders convened to analyze the 2022 goals for the broader Pensacola 2030 Initiative. That engagement led the Chamber Foundation in prioritizing the first small steps that will be taken this year by the Pensacola business community.

“We were thrilled with the level of engagement and enthusiasm that we experienced from those who participated in the process to outline first steps. Now we will strive to meet the deadlines and continue to give live updates on progress and roadblocks regarding Pensacola’s 2030 goals.” – Executive Director, Sara Lefevers.

90-Day Goals


1. Reconvene Chamber Industry Focused Groups.
2. Identify top 10 business gaps in community.
3. Set date for Business Bootcamp
4. Outline Community Asset Mao


1. Present to policy committee for expansion of telehealth.
2. Meet with Escambia County School District.
3. Outline marketing campaign to create awareness of top 3 factors negatively impact health outcomes.


1. Utilize Plan Rooms.
2. Facilitate planning meeting with FLorida Department of Transportation, city, county and others.
3. Secure five Plan Room facilitators.
4. Outline and share Prosperity Project outcomes for Escambia County with Board.


1. Disseminate helpful tools.
2. Utilize Plan Rooms.
3. Set date to reconvene KCAN.
4. Outline career academy awareness campaign and call to action.
5. Secure five Plan Room facilitators.


1. Facilitate conversation with military school liaison and communicate needs to MAC with specific called to action.
2. Define impact we are looking to track.
3. Create one-pager about impact of military health liaison employee on hospital.
4. Meet with new CO to determine how Chamber Foundation can help.
5. Meet with Children Trust’s director to provide awareness of Pensacola 2030 goals and Chamber Foundation support.
6. Outline messaging campaign for employers.
7. Present to policy committee about advocating to state chamber.

The Pensacola Chamber Foundation is dedicated to transparency and will be hosting the action plans and updates on the foundation’s website. Two forms of the action plan are provided; a community, visual format and a detailed table format that includes individual deadlines and identified partners. Updates to the action plan will be made weekly as we progress and identify more partners.

For more information about The Pensacola 2030 Initiative please visit Pensacola Chamber Foundation.

Asset mapping is a capacity-focused way of reimaging the placemaking practice around the strengths and gifts that already exist in our communities. By fixating on a community’s problems, the solutions proposed by a traditional deficit approach rely on outside resources and experts rather than the deep knowledge and expertise of community leaders and residents. Although an asset-based approach may not fully remove the need for outside resources, but it certainly makes their use more effective. By gathering the collective knowledge, skills, and resources of the community into one shared document, asset maps are designed to build connection and spark collaboration between individuals, organizations, and local government as your team works together to imagine new ways to shape the spaces and places you love.

The Plan Room concept provides a centralized, consistent location within the underserved pockets of the community where skill trainings, literacy classes, resources, education and other opportunities to meet immediate needs can be provided. The Chamber Foundation and partners plan to have one Plan Room location in each zip code.