Chamber takes position on park…..not BSoc, yet.

Community Maritime Park

As the voice for the Pensacola Bay Area business community the Chamber has taken a position in support of the Community Maritime Park. The Community Maritime Park offers an unprecedented vision for the future of Pensacola’s downtown. Developing the waterfront will be a tremendous benefit for the city on it’s own, but the Community Maritime Park will act as a catalyst for further economic development that is likely to follow. Not only will property values increase, but the Community Maritime Park will bring a vibrancy to the city which will give our citizens and future generations something from which to build a greater Pensacola.

Based on hundreds of hours of public input meetings, we know the community has asked for public space along the water, green space in which to plan festivals and outdoor events, plus shops, restaurants and entertainment. This plan offers something for everyone. In addition to the public space along the waterfront, this plan will give back to the City through the retail and office space also included in the project. These aspects alone will bring new jobs to downtown Pensacola and generate additional revenues from sales tax, property taxes and lease fees based on fair market value.

We encourage our members to support the Community Maritime Park and to show your support by displaying a sign at your business. Signs and brochures about the park project are available here at the Chamber of Commerce. Please make a commitment to picking up 10 signs – one to keep and 9 to distribute to your friends and associates.

In a recent study, three strategies for strengthening the core business community emerged. The first and foremost was the critical need to attract and retain talent. That is to find ways to keep our best and our brightest young professionals in the community. This means having a pro business community that features recreation, arts and culture. Young professionals want to live, work and play in an exciting, energetic area.

The second item in the study stressed the importance of fostering innovation and industry and what better way to begin improving that concept than an opportunity of innovation with the museum and multi-use park. Finally, the study reinforced our goal to enhance the quality of our downtown area, meaning a vibrant 24-7 downtown with diverse activities for all to enjoy.

The Community Maritime Park accomplishes all this and more. For more information on the Community Maritime Park and an objective look at the facts, please visit their website at and don’t forget to stop by the Chamber for your “Vote YES” signs.


Evon Emerson