Churches challenged to trim the fat

Healthy Lives of Baptist Health Care has created a Get Healthy Pensacola Church Challenge for local area churches. The church-based weight loss competition is to promote healthy eating habits and aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle within our community.

The winner of the competition will be based on the church that loses the largest average percentage of body weight.

The Church Challenge kickoff is on Fri., Jan. 2 and the competition will last for 90 days (three months).
Healthy Lives will provide onsite Nutrition 101 workshops and both initial and final weigh-ins for each church.

Each pastor will be provided with weekly information from Healthy Lives on health and fitness to distribute to members through bulletins and weekly readings. Three members from each church will receive peer health educator training at Healthy Lives University and will serve as the communication liaisons between the churches and Healthy Lives.

To participate in the Healthy Lives Church Challenge, call 469-6903.