Cliffnotes of Hayward ethics code

✓ Significantly strengthens the conflict of interest rules and gift rules beyond what is the current minimum standards in the Florida Statutes.

✓ Tightens the rules on gifts to City officials and employees

✓ Prevents former city officials or employees from appearing before the department or board they were involved with on behalf of another (i.e. lobbying) for a period of two years after they leave the City employment.

✓ Prohibits nepotism in employment of City employees.

✓ Prohibits financial transactions with subordinates.

✓ Prohibits fees or honoraria for City Officials or employees as speakers or participation in events

✓ Requires disclosure of financial dealings by City Officials or employees with those who might be doing business with the City.

✓ Contains requirements for annual financial disclosure of specified officials and employees.

✓ Includes additional remedies and penalties for ethics violations beyond those
provided by Florida Statute.