Commissioner wants to convert work release buildings for jail use

On WCOA this morning, Escambia County Commissioner Lumon May said he would like the county to convert two buildings to hold prisoners while the new jail has its defects repaired and repairs are made to the old jail to make it habitable.

“We have a state building that’s being occupied that I’ve kind of yelled from the top of the mountain that we should take control of that building and get out of the state lease and turn that over into a place to house inmates, as well as our work release center that no ones being housed,” said Commissioner May. “We need to move inmates there as quick as possible, and then begin the renovations.”

In 2013, May was the only commissioner that voted against the county taking over the county. He said, “I voted against taking the jail because I wanted my focus to be more on the capital outlay of our facilities. But we have the jail, we have some great employees. I’m glad that employees are speaking up.”