Cost of War

The Orlando Weekly calculates the cost of the Iraq War and what the money could have been spent on:

On Oct. 23, President Bush asked Congress for an additional $46 billion in war-related funding. That’s on top of the $147 billion the Department of Defense has already asked for, and the $3.7 billion other war-related agencies want. All totaled, you’re looking at $193 billion in defense-related spending in fiscal year 2008. Of that, $154.7 billion would go toward the civil war in Mesopotamia.

The best suggest was to: “Pay down the national debt, which is now over $9 trillion and rising $1.44 billion a day. The United States pays $430 billion a year in interest on that debt, which is part of the reason we run annual deficits into the hundreds of billions of dollars. Ending the war would get us close to breaking even, and with a little luck and sane economic policy, we could even start paying down the debt (your share of which, citizen, is $29,852 as of Oct. 12).”

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