County planning and zoning seeks to stretch power

Expect more delays in construction and development in Escambia County if this policy change is allowed to be enacted:


TO: All Engineers

FROM: Frank Breaux, Chief Short Rang Planning
Director, Planning and Zoning

DATE: February 8, 2007

RE: Submittal Procedures for As-Built Drawings for approved site plans

The staff has been working with the Engineering department to improve the process for intake and review of all As-Built drawing.

Your cooperation in submitting the documentation to the Planning and Zoning
DRC intake department will allow us to reduce the response time and errors
between departments.   Please submit your request in writing explaining the
changes along with a drawing indicating the changes from the approved site
plan.  Once the reviewers have discussed the changes, you will receive
written response in the form of comments and/or instructions as to how you
will proceed, either it be in the form of a minor review, a full review or
no action required.


We’re hearing some engineers are really upset. They see this as a power grab by Planning and Zoning who doesn’t have anyone qualified to review engineering documents – which is why the county has an engineering dept.

This policy change has not been approved by the Planning Board or the County Commission. And just adds another hoop for builders to jump thru that adds nothing to the process.