County resolves website issue

The county’s website registration form expired on May 24. We had several readers using a variety of web browsers, computers and mobile devices complain about it. The issue was resolved yesterday. I received this email that doesn’t quite admit there was a problem, but this has been how the county has handled everything the past few weeks. Regardless, the website is working again.
 Good afternoon Rick,
 A registration issue was detected this morning by the Information Technology Department, and the Escambia County IT Department has been working throughout the day to address the problem.
 I have accessed the website from a variety of ways since you first emailed me this morning, from mobile web browsers to desktop computers, and have not had any issues. But Escambia County regrets that the public may have had difficulty accessing the County website.
 I have been advised that the issue should be resolved soon.
 Bill Pearson
 Escambia County Public Information Officer
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