Crist bans Tampa Bay Times reporter from campaign bus

Politicians and their staffs attacking and “punishing” reporters who are critical is not just a city of Pensacola phenomenon.

The Crist campaign has decided not to allow Tampa Bay Times political editor Adam Smith on a three-day bus tour. Smith, along with Times’ writer Michael Kruse, published on Sunday an in-depth profile of Crist that relied on interviews from more than 100 people and chronicled Crist’s life and career going back to his days in junior high. (Read “Who is Charlie Crist? The answer is complicated“)

Brendan Gilfillan, a Crist spokesperson, would not discuss with reporters why they decided to not allow Smith to ride the bus.

The tour starts today in Tallahassee and includes stops in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and Miami. According to a campaign press release, Crist will focus on “Rick Scott’s $1.3 billion cut to education.”

Read the article on Crist. It was well done.