Deepwater drilling moratorium documents

We have the actual documents from the Department of Interior on the six-month moratorium:

The Six-Month Deepwater Moratorium as set forth in this Notice to Lessees and Operators (“Moratorium NTL”) directs you to cease drilling all new deepwater wells, including any wellbore sidetracks and bypasses; prohibits you from spudding any new deepwater wells; and puts you on notice that, except as provided herein, MMS will not consider for six months from the date of this Moratorium NTL drilling permits for deepwater wells and for related activities as set forth herein. For the purposes of this Moratorium NTL, deepwater” means depths greater than 500 feet.

Read: NTL2010-N04[1]

We also have the June 18 notice from the Department of Interior on requires more information and plans for dealing with “a blowout scenarios and worst case discharge scenario.”

Read NTL