DIB offers free parking for pre-Valentine’s Day shopping

The Downtown Improvement Board is free parking for Valentine’ Day shoppers on Thursday, Feb. 12 and Friday, Feb. 13. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Free parking includes all on street parking, public lots and Jefferson Street Parking Garage.

The free parking will not apply to any “Special Events Parking” (varies from $5-$10) that begins after 5 p.m.

In a press release, the DIB announced that new equipment in the Jefferson Street Parking Garage that will make parking “faster and easier for everyone.” The equipment allows drivers to go into the garage without receiving a ticket, saving time. No matter how long guests stay within a 24 hour period, they will be charged a $2.00 flat fee (Monday through Saturday only). On Sundays, the garage will be free to those who park on a first come first serve basis. Upon exiting the garage, a customer can pay with cash or credit card.