Different rules still apply downtown

Last weekend, Jerry Mistretta, of Jerry’s Cajun fame, opened a food truck, Jerry’s Bistreaux, behind the Cigar Factory. The spot was permitted by the city, and the Cigar Factory installed all the necessary fire safety equipment.

Within hours of opening, the city’s fire marshal visited, saying that the city had received a complaint. According to the fire code, the truck would have to be moved because it was within 10 feet of the building. Separation: Mobile or temporary cooking operations shall be separated from buildings or structure, combustible materials, vehicles, and other cooking operations by a minimum of 10 ft. (3 m).

The fire marshal let them operation through the weekend but they may have to shut down today.

Is this rule being applied fairly to all? Food trucks often are parked next to other parked cars on Ferdinand Plaza. Al Fresco’s trailers are next to Ruby Slipper and Shux. Food trucks are next to other bars in other parts of downtown.