Ding, Dong…Save Our City is dead


The Pensacola City Council results are in. None of the SOC candidates – Sam Hall, Jerry Howard, and Bob Walker – won.

Sam Hall did make a run-off with Paul Young – but Hall had boasted to the City Council at its last general meeting that he would win handily because his district had voted (just barely) against the Community Maritime Park. Sorry, Mr. Hall, the district didn’t buy your makeover: Young 1010; Hall 943; Kolokouris 224.

PC Wu 2,350 Bob Walker 819

Mike DeSorbo 1,947 Jerry Howard 1,616

The Pensacola voter is smarter than many give them credit. They remembered how venomously Howard, Walker and Hall attacked the park and its supporters. Playing to WCOA’s Luke McCoy and his Pensacola Speaks crowd doesn’t win elections. Had the trio backed the park or, at least, not got caught up in the misinformation campaign of SOC – they may have won. Unfortunately, they misjudged the voters and put all their eggs in the SOC basket.