Dirty campaigns nationally

The St. Pete Times reports on the big attacks made against Obama and McCain by their opponents.

McCain-Palin attack:
Obama’s relationship with William Ayers, a onetime member of the Weather Underground, a leftist fringe of the 1960s antiwar movement that was responsible for bombings at several federal buildings in the early 1970s.

Obama-Biden attack:
Obama’s campaign countered with a 13-minute Web video on McCain’s history with convicted banker Charles Keating, Jr. The documentary burrows into the details of McCain’s role in the Keating Five, a quintet of senators investigated for pressuring regulators on Keating’s behalf before his notoriety as a villain in the late 1980s savings-and-loan crisis.

St. Pete Times and PolitiFact looked into both stories and found that while the larger implications are certainly debatable, their underlying facts are mostly accurate.

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