Disconnect on Rick Scott

Florida Gov. Rick Scott got a rock star’s welcome a gathering organized by the conservative RedState blog and before an audience that cheered his efforts to drug test welfare recipients, strip teachers of tenure and cut corporate taxes to make Florida more business friendly. When he ended his 24-minute speech, Scott got a standing ovation, according to AP.

In the lost poll, Scott has earned a 36-percent approval rating from Florida voters who apparently aren’t as impressed with his policies. There is a real disconnect here between how the conservative, right-wing diehards see Florida’s governor and the majority of Floridians.

Why should this matter? Scott purchased the statehouse by spending about $75 million of his own money. When he runs for re-election in 2014, the campaign coffers will be filled with money from right-wing PACs from around the country—-people who could careless about what really happens in Florida.

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker fought out recall, he raised $27.7 million from speaking around the country. Rick Scott is following the same formula. Expect to see him become a bigger star outside of his state than in it….except at Florida Chamber events