Donovan Mythology: Part Three

Councilman Marty Donovan states in his campaign literature that he will continue “to develop and implement an aggressive economic development strategy.”

The truth is Donovan has opposed the building of the Community Maritime Park – even though his district voted for it, 2,006-1,562. He has efforts have helped delay the park nearly three years after it was first proposed – costing the community $15-20 million in increased construction costs.

Donovan opposed a downtown referendum on expanding the Downtown Improvement Board after downtown businesses asked for it.

Donovan has continually voted for long-term industrial leases at the Port of Pensacola and has done nothing about following up on the studies asking for more mixed-use.

Donovan has yet to get the staff to develop an RFP for Bruce Beach.

Donovan voted to keep bottle clubs open to 5 a.m. – even though downtown businesses, residents and the police department complained about the problems the clubs cause.

I am at a loss to see what Donovan’s aggressive economic development strategy is.