Donovan/Nobles petition, where is it?

Has anyone been asked to sign the Marty Donovan/Jack Nobles petition to rescind the Design-Build contract? Has anyone knocked on your door? Has a tent been set up at the Summit Blvd. recycle station?

They are looking for a cute name for their political action committee. We suggest PATU –“Pay Attention To Us” or simply FOE –“Feed Our Egos.”

Donovan/Nobles have until July 12 to turn in the signatures.

And the petition and referendum won’t stop the construction of the stadium, which makes this petition drive even more bizarre. Donovan and Fairchild (the secret accomplice in this threesome) are now opening themselves with their third petition drive to lawsuits of tortuous interference (intentionally damaging the plaintiff’s contractual or other business relationships) from the CMPA, Pelicans, Maritime Park Development Partners and the Studers.

They are knowingly misstating facts to damage others and interfere with businesses—even though they have been given the correct information over and over again. This has sadly moved from being an exercise of freedom of speech by Donovan and Fairchild to personal vendettas by the couple against the park, city and all the parties associated with the park.