Don’t believe food poisoning stories

Floating out in the media is a story that the fishermen who became ill while helping BP skim oil off gulf waters were victims of food poisoning. Don’t believe it

CNN has covered this and reports that one fisherman, John Wunstell Jr., has filed a temporary restraining order in federal court against oil company BP. He is asking BP to give the workers masks and not harass workers who publicly voice their health concerns.

Wunstell didn’t have the symptoms of food poisoning. According to CNN, he started experiencing severe headaches and nasal irritation on May 24. Over the next few days, he also developed nosebleeds, an upset stomach, and aches.

Where did the rumors of food poisoning start? With BP CEO Tony Hayward.

Tony Hayward, the chief executive officer of BP, offered another explanation for the fishermen’s illness: spoiled food.

“Food poisoning is clearly a big issue,” Hayward said Sunday. “It’s something we’ve got to be very mindful of. It’s one of the big issues of keeping the Army operating. You know, the Army marches on their stomachs.”

Really? Food poisoning doesn’t cause nose bleeds, Tony.