Downtown parking enforcement extended past 5 p.m. and to Saturdays

DIB Press Release: The Parking Management District in conjunction with the Downtown Improvement Board announced several changes and enhancements to the parking program in Downtown. The program consists of increased visibility and the placement of flags for key surface lots and a video that allows guests, workers and stakeholders to comprehend the modifications in under three minutes. The new program includes these elements:

Enforcement will now last until 7pm on Palafox helping make spots available for the dining public and folks coming down to enjoy evening entertainment and events.

Currently enforcement stops at 5:00pm allowing evening shift employee or downtown visitors to park at3:15 and remain in that parking space all night. With most businesses open until at least 5:00pm, having spaces on Palafox tied up all afternoon is not conducive to business.

It will also become a violation for someone to move their car one or two spaces over on the same block in an effort to occupy prime parking for an entire day.

Saturday has become a bustling day for shopping and dining in Downtown and having people visiting downtown adhere to the 2-hour limit on Palafox will help the visitor find a parking space. The sides streets, lots and garages allow people to park and stay as long as they want on Saturday’s.

Parking for Downtown workers is getting easier by offering $25.00 monthly parking in key surface lots conveniently located throughout downtown. This program frees up valuable curb side parking and allows the worker a stress-free parking environment. Residents will enjoy a permit that allows easy parking without risk of receiving a ticket for longer periods of time.

Pay Stations and meters are being moved to better accommodate popular destinations which includes pay stations on Zaragoza and single metered spaces on Main street to compliment a higher turn of available parking spaces.

The first ticket is $10.00 and the second ticket is $15.00, however fines for a 3rd and 4th violation will be increasing to support the turnover and availability of prime 2-hour parking spaces.

2-hour restricted parking will be introduced on Tarragona and Alcaniz Streets to ensure parking spaces are available for visitors and shoppers.

Ron Butlin, Director of the Downtown Improvement Board said, “All of these actions are an attempt to address current situations that are making it difficult for visitors and workers to park downtown. Having spaces turnover on Palafox is very important to the health of our retail core. As Downtown continues to grow in popularity and receive record number of visitors each year – the Parking Management District will continue to look for ways to enhance the customer experience”.