ECSO is looking for Pamela L. Long

At the noon press conference, Sheriff David Morgan said that the ECSO is looking for Pamela Laverne Long (DOB 10/22/61), a realtor who rented a home to Patrick Gonzalez Jr. The ECSO have not been able to locate Long in the past 48 hours and are asking for help in locating her. Long is not a suspect at this time and is listed as a person of interest.

The ECSO has already sent out a follow-up email that this person of interest is not Pamela Marie Long at 2128 Juno Circle. I guess that Pamela Long was getting phone calls.

Pamela L. Long has several aliases: Pamela Long Wiggins, Pamela L. Malden, Pamela Long Link, Pamela Laverne Long Coco, Pam Long.

The Sheriff did mention that that is another person of interest in the case that they are interviewing. He hinted that it may have to do with the home security system. Morgan talked about not disabling the home security was the big break in the case. The ECSO suspects that the intruders thought an accomplice had disabled it.

Morgan talked about how home security systems can turned off remotely from computers if a person knows the security codes. The ECSO suspect Gonzalez and company had someone as part of their team who was suppose to do it and didn’t. Morgan believes the intruders thought the security system had been turned off.

When asked about Patrick Gonzalez’s claim at this court appearance yesterday that his arrest was based on the confession of a mentally ill man, Morgan said, “And people in hell want ice water.”