EOC: Delegation speaks out

State Reps. Dave Murzin, Clay For and Greg Evers, Tax Appraisers Chris Jones (Escambia), Pete Smith (Okaloosa) and Greg Brown (Santa Rosa), Lisa Berneau from Esc. Clerk of Court addressed the media at the EOC today.

Our concern is thinking ahead. Property values have been dropping. This has been an economic disaster for this area. We want to take a proactive, early action on how this will impact homeowners and businesses.” said Ford. The delegation wants a special session on this issue.

“We want to give tax relief on locals without impacting our local governments negatively.”

Ford and the delegation want this added to the upcoming special session.
Brown and Jones went to Tallahassee yesterday and met with CFO Sink.
She is in support.

According to Greg Brown and Chris Jones, values are set on Jan. 1—however, BP impact will felt by locals immediately. Tax burdens will be shifted to inland owners as the waterfront values plummet. The special session would give immediate relief on the 2010 tax bill—BP will be asked to pick up the loss in revenue to the local governments.

“We can’t do anything without legislative action, ” said Greg Brown. “There is nothing we can do without their help. The Senate and House leadership and Gov. Charlie Crist need to make this happen.”

Pete Smith said, “That no one knows property values than us. No one can remedy this other that the legislature. We’re in a hole and it’s not going to get any better.”

Chris Jones praised Ford, Evers and Murzin. He thanked them for their leadership.