EOC: Oil in Perdido Bay

EOC is getting reports of heavy oil and mousse on the Alabama-Florida state line and in Perdido Pass. State officials are complaining that BP and the Unified Command aren’t reporting back to them on what they are seeing.

Mobile Press Register is reporting that booming has not worked at the Alabama pass.

State officials say they aren’t ready to close Pensacola Pass. Officials are starting to place booms at the mouths of rivers and estuaries. Gene Valentino is saying that he has reports that oil is on the beach at Florabama that is ankle-deep.

The officials are on a state-wide conference call with DEP Sec. Mike Sole. There are a lot of complaints about lack of intel from Perdido Key and the Unified Command.

Apparently we’re supposed to hear this conference call and they have just shutdown the audio.

EOC and the State are in crisis mode.