Escambia County: One out of every five children lives in poverty

The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Prosperity Initiative has taken on the goal of reducing the number of children in poverty to less than 10% by 2030. Statewide 870,505 children live in poverty – 21.3%.

The initiative has published a set of maps that outline childhood poverty numbers by County. Escambia County has 22.3% of its children living in poverty – majority of which are inside the Pensacola city limits.

Black & White

In February 2012, Inweekly reported on how the lives of African-Americans in Escambia County are very different from those of their white counterparts.

African-Americans made up 23 percent of Escambia County’s population and 28 percent of the City of Pensacola, according to the 2010 U.S. census. A third of them lived below the poverty rate, and their median household income was $22,787 less than white households—almost $7,000 worse than in 2000.