Escambia County Teachers of the Year

2018 Escambia School District’s Teachers of the Year



Jim Allen Elementary                         Lacey Brown


Alternative Education                         Naretha Evans


Bailey Middle                                     Erin Unruh


Bellview Elementary                           Janet Kay Spencer


Bellview Middle                                 Tyvanna Boulager


Beulah Academy of Science                Elizabeth Mott


Beulah Elementary                              Brandy Paynter


Blue Angels Elementary                     Kathleen Moriarty


Bratt Elementary                                Susan R. Ward


Brentwood Elementary                       Gordon Wade


Brown-Barge Middle                          Megan Judge


Byrneville Elementary Inc.                 Brittany Marshman


Camelot Academy                              Alexandria Palmer


Hellen Caro Elementary                      Angelia Grimes-Graeme


N.B. Cook Elem. Sch. of the Arts      Christy Ueberroth


Cordova Park Elementary                   Jessica Kelly


Ensley Elementary                              Rosita Robsono-Watson


Escambia High                                    Maria Valica


Escambia Westgate                             Amy Bates


Ferry Pass Elementary                       Sara Frassetti


Ferry Pass Middle                              Michelle Tomlin


Global Learning Academy                  Nichaka Tribbey


Reinhardt Holm Elementary               Cynthia Morrissette


Lakeview School                                 Cheryl Jones


Lincoln Park Primary                          Ashley Phillips


R.C. Lipscomb Elementary                Bonnie Shiflett


Longleaf Elementary                           LaKevia Green


L.D. McArthur Elementary                Stephanie Harris


McMillan Pre-K                                 Stephanie Collins


Molino Park Elementary                    Sara Calhoun


Montclair Elementary                         Ryan Graber


Myrtle Grove Elementary                  Cassie Mense


Navy Point Elementary                      Pamela Mayo


Northview High                                  Raja Atallah


Oakcrest Elementary                          Lynda Shald


Pensacola High                                    Yolanda Daniels


Pine Forest High                                 Karen Longoria


Pine Meadow Elementary                  Angela Wilson


Pleasant Grove Elementary                Kaylin Roy


Ransom Middle                                  Barbara Baxter


Scenic Heights Elementary                 Amber Sheridan


O.J. Semmes Elementary                    Natasha Burton


Sherwood Elementary                         Megan Wolter


George Stone Technical Center           Reynaldo Delacruz


A.K. Suter Elementary                       Jessie Harms


J.M. Tate High                                   Ursula LaMontagne


Title 1                                                 Rebecca Herzog


Ernest Ward Middle                           Yolanda Wilkins


Warrington Elementary                       Tonya Morris


Warrington Middle                             Rochele Glover


Booker T. Washington High               Cheryl Rembert


C.A. Weis Elementary                        Emily McMillan


West Florida High                               Tiffany Odom


West Pensacola Elementary                Jacqueline Jensen


W J. Woodham Middle                       Lori Miller


  1. H. Workman Middle                       Lisa Bloodworth


Not Submitting a Name: Judy Andrews Center, Escambia Charter, Jacqueline Harris Prep. Academy, PATS Center, and Pensacola Beach Elementary