Fairchild speaks

Charles Fairchild also addressed the Pensacola City Council to announce the formation of his latest Political Action Committee – “No Boss Mayor.” He tells the council that under the new charter that the council will have no power.

What are the powers of the current city council?
They approve the budget. They pass ordinances. They can investigate any city department (as they did with the airport hotel lease). They appoint the city manager and city attorney. That’s it.

What are the powers of the city council under the proposed charter?
They approve the budget. They pass ordinances. They can investigate any city department. They approve appointment of the city attorney and the city clerk.

What are the differences?
Under the current charter, the council has no vote on the city clerk. They must approve the city clerk under new charter.

Under the new charter, the city manager is replaced by the city administrator. The city council doesn’t have approval of the city administrator.

Under the current charter, council members can’t talk with the mayor about city business. The new charter allows council to talk with the mayor.

The core powers are the same approving budgets and ordinances.

Will a mayor who needs votes from council members district to stay in office and the council member’s vote to pass his budget and any proposed ordinance listen more or less to a council member than the city manager?

The city manager’s primary focus to keep his job is to keep at least five council member satisfied. The voters don’t factor into his job security. There is no objective job evaluation system for the city manager.